Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Finally an update..

Hello friends.. Finally an update from me..
Sorry for disappear for so long time..
I have no internet connection yet..
Let update little bit about me..
My class already started one weeks ago..
3rd weeks for others but 1st week for me..
I am studying Bachelor (honours) in Marketing..
And the good thg is, I have been exempted for the 1st two year..
That mean it only take 2 years more for me to finish my degree..
I might be going back Malaysia earlier..^^V
K la, I will update on next post..
Miss ya.

* sorry for no post up the pictures..I will try to update on the coming post..

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hey friends..

I'm now at Abu Dhabi international airport waiting for transfer to Dublin Ireland..

Friends, Chai Ping is safe!!
Thx you for all the wishes that you all sent before I broading..
I will try to update once I reach there..
Miss ya..=)

Monday, 15 September 2008


I'm leaving tomorrow..
Or I should say later night?! =)

I gonna to miss everythg and everyone in Malaysia..
My friends, family, my dog, foods.. =(

Anyway, I have to say thx you..
Thx you for those who spent your precious time to farewell for me..
Thx you for those presents..
Thx you for created the surprised..


take care everyone.. smile.. =)


Day 3 :
TT & audrey

* went cheong K at sungai wang ..Have fun with them..miss ya.. =)

Day 4:
Meet up with joanne & Jun

* Finally I meet up with them,but we spent less time with Joanne..
Jun & anne, hugs hugs.. =)

Day 5 :

Steamboat at Kenny's house..

-the food

-3 of the girls..

-so call the farewell cake..haha..

-Put it on.. look good with it?!=)

James, alice, Lesley..=)

All in pink..sweet =)

* thx you to sue may & mian for prepared all the food.. =)
Thx you to all of you for the present.. For sure I like it.. =)
Thx millions..

-Thx to Yee chin too, give me a pair of glove.. =)


Sunday, 14 September 2008

Happy mooncake festival..

Happy mooncake festival for everyone ..
I know it is a little bit late.. ^^
anyways, hope everyone have a great day today..

* gonna to post a lot of new post tomorrow, I make sure I post up all the farewell party before I depart.. hugs hugs.. ^^v

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Farewell day 2..

Date: 6/8/09

People : Part of DMK 5

Pictures :

The dinner was at a western restaurant somewhere at KL.
Too bad some of them didn't come..=(

We enjoyed the dinner and went to time square to watch money not enough II.
The movie is so touching in the end of story, check it out your self. .

After the movie, I said good bye and hugged with each other..
The ham bao bobo cried that night..
I said I will be back my dear..
wait for me.. our friendship nvr end just bec I'm not with you.. =)

Thx for the platinum ear ring, flower ,card , dinner and also wishes..
Chai Ping appreciated.. =)
See ya my friends.. =)

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Look up Point..

Date: 5/9/2008
Venue:look up point ampang
Purpose: farewell for me..

As wat we had decided, we went to look up point at dat night..

HEre am I :

whn we was having our yammylicious meal, the restaurant actually had swicthed off the light n played the birthday song for those birthday boys o girls..

after that, the restaurant turned the light off n played the song again ,thn I spoke to victoria..

Me: Let us clap for the birthday person la..(clapping hand)
victoria: ...... (spechless)

after that, I saw the waitress walking nearer n nearer..
I wonder whose birthday?!
I look at kai wai who had just passed his birthday last week..
who knoe, everybody look at me...

All:It for u!!
ME: My birhtday not reach yet!!

all laughed.. =)



Photos :

all of us :

ck,vic,me,kar wai, Lor, shanti.. =)

After the meal walked to tower and took some pictures..

-Kl view, nice right.. =)

-the photographer finally in
thx albert.. =)

bye my friends.. Jumpa lagi..

Thx my friends.. I enjoyed.. =)
sure We will meet up again after I come bck ..
miss ya..

*guys should bring gf there..
as kar wai said, tempat baik untuk tipu perempuan..
haha.. =)

oh ya, Lor next time buy smaller cake.. The cake still inside my fridge..

anyway, thx alots.. =)

Friday, 5 September 2008

I .. .. ..

Just come bck from Ampang for my farewell party..

I finally realize..
I'm going off very soon edy..
I mean reli very soon..

oh gosh..
I duno how to describe how am I feeling right now..
nervous+panic+ helpless+ excited?!
anyone volunteer to comfort me?!

.. .. .. .. ..

Anyway I have a good day to9..thx you everyone..I appreciate.. hugs hugs...=)

*Once I get the photos, I will update about it.. good nite.. =)

current mood : difficult to describe..

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Graduation Ceremony..

Date : 27/07/08

Venue: college hall

The pictures :

Dmk 5 graduates

tis is the different between 183cm vs 150cm.. lolx..

smile happily.. =)

girls are pretty as flowers.. haha.. =)

endless of friendship.. =)

lastly present.. mum vs me..=)

*yes, alice finally graduate..
sorry mum, I cant get diploma with merit..
I ni achieved diploma with pass..
fortunately, ur daughter still pass all the subjects and graduate.. =)

*The sad part is only half of my classmate able to graduate..
for those who are unable to graduate, dun feel upset..
keep up ur effort... jia you lo... =)

*After the ceremony,we are officially a diploma holder..
some of us might continue study, on the other hand, some of us might found our own career..
yet, friendship is nvr end.. I am glad to meet u all.. especially those close friends..
bec of u all, I have a enjoyable college life.. =)
hopefully, We go travel again one day like wat we did during every sem break..
see ya my friends..hugs hugss...

P/s: thx u to my brother's gf , wrapped the flower by herself for me..
she said is more sincere .... lolx..thx you.. =)