Monday, 10 August 2009

Ban Jia.. =)

dear readers, I have my new blog..

Please changed your link to

Hope to hear from u all on my new blog..


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Finally ,eventually, Zhung yu..

Dear readers, I am finally back to my lap top..

I finally got my new lap top charger after 5 weeks..

I was planning to update all my pictures of me in Ireland for the last 10 mths..


I didn't expected it would happen, I do not have any back up for those pictures..

I don't know what to do right now, just leave it for few weeks and turn on again..

If it doesn't work anymore, I think I will keep it and bring it back home for recover those data..

Please stop sleeping my handy 160.. >.<

ok, let briefly update myself..

As per mentioned , I went to the second interview for my placement..

Feel grateful I went it through and get the job.. I am currently work in a insurance company..

and work as customer service representative..

t hank for the previous work experienced I had when I was in Malaysia..

This job isn't direct related to my current major..

ut it is a chance for me to improve my English and communication skills..

It is a good company to work with though, friendly team leader and etc..

I had move to another place due to this work as well..

Things keep charging, me aka shan shan keep growing..

I cant wait until the day I finish my studies and work in real marketing industry..

Good Luck for everything..Cheers..

Next excited planning I have now is trip to Amsterdam..

I am going on second week of September I there have nothing charges with my friend.. Yeah!!

Amsterdam I am coming!!

Ps : Stop raining pls, it is summer time..

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Feel little blue today..
I am now having my 3 months summer holidays and following by 4 months work placement..
Yet, everything seem like not settle down..
Went to an interview for work placement last week and I fail to impress..
I didn't get the job..
I had receive another phone call for interview on tomorrow..
They need two references from me, it either from academic or work place..
Unfortunately, I fail to contact my boss today..
I only have one from my course leader for now..
oh God,everything seem went wrong..
My lap top charger which I bought online haven't received yet..
I cant online at home, cant check tips for interview and so forth..
Other than this, I only work one day now for my part time job due to recession..
I need more money!!! I wan go holiday!! I need to pay rental!! I wish I could afford part of my studies fee!!! =.=

Oh god, hopefully everything go right after tis..
Be right back readers...

Monday, 27 April 2009

Chai Ping ----->Wei Shan

Hey friends, Call me Wei Shan now ... =)

Well, I rang back home yesterday..

Mum told me my new name was out already..

So, call me Wei Shan now !! =)

Mum said it is a good name, tell me what you think ?! =)

Friday, 17 April 2009


Oh gosh, I am trying to finish part 3 of my advertising assignment which about the media planning.

I keep reminding myself I need to write as a advertising prospective not marketing..

Oh my god, it is so distractive..

Marketing?! no no no, advertising!!

Gosh, no matter how, I still need to do it..

So stop complain and continue to work for it..

say cheese.. O.o

Friday, 3 April 2009

I need help!

dear friends,

Does anybody know how to get flash work well in dreamweaver?!
Is just doesn't work for me whenever I insert flash into my web page..
Anyone know how to solve it?