Thursday, 26 June 2008


Date:24&25 may 2008
Place: Tmn Pertanian shah alam
members:Bobo,Serina,Nicole,alice,Quin,Jian,wan sin & wai hing

We had planned for tis trip since early of 3rd sem..In the end we went there after graduate..=)
At first , we plan to rent chalet there..but no more chalet available..End up we stay at camp..=)
It was a very great experience!! It was very dark at the night!!we took our own risk to stay at there!! Fortunately, all of us are safe..lolx..


spot the parrot?!

yes, we did fishing too.. but cannot bring bck..

nice picture hor?!

horses with us..

not easy to cycling arond tmn pertanian u know?!it was extremely tired!!

We slept in the camp..

Four season house- Spring

nice view?!

Me:serina I wan kiss too.. lolx

us in dream land.. =)

All Of us..

me posing with my pink baby..lolx

cute o not?!lolx

as I said not easy to cycling around tmn pertanian..
sweat alot n tired..
but enjoyable..

**thanks you my frens..thx for being patient with me..lolx..bec I'm a new baby for clyling..=)
Although It was a tired trip, but enjoyable..=)
miss ya my frens..lolx..

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

P.S I LoVe You..

"Some people wait their whole lives to find their soul mates.
but not Holly and Gerry"