Thursday, 4 June 2009


Feel little blue today..
I am now having my 3 months summer holidays and following by 4 months work placement..
Yet, everything seem like not settle down..
Went to an interview for work placement last week and I fail to impress..
I didn't get the job..
I had receive another phone call for interview on tomorrow..
They need two references from me, it either from academic or work place..
Unfortunately, I fail to contact my boss today..
I only have one from my course leader for now..
oh God,everything seem went wrong..
My lap top charger which I bought online haven't received yet..
I cant online at home, cant check tips for interview and so forth..
Other than this, I only work one day now for my part time job due to recession..
I need more money!!! I wan go holiday!! I need to pay rental!! I wish I could afford part of my studies fee!!! =.=

Oh god, hopefully everything go right after tis..
Be right back readers...