Monday, 21 January 2008

choose how long you life??

I found this article in the Cleo magazine..boys and girls, if you wan to live longer..follow these...=)
you'll add a year to your life if you...
1.Take vitamin C for 5 hours per week
3.have sex
4.give bloodonce a year
you'll add 3 years longer if you..
1. wash your hand
2.Aim to excel
3.Drink tea
4.Play card
5 years longer if you..
1.Eat chocolate
2.Get a morning kiss
3.Practise hara hachi bu
(meaning stopping eating when you're 80% full.)
4.Become vegetarian
10years longer if you..
1.Eat banana a day
2.Take up dancing
3.Look after your look
15years longer if you..
1.control your cholesterol
2.Eat fewer calories
3. Go vegan
4.Build muscle
shorten 1 years if you..
1.Are 10 pounds overweight
2.dont have a pet
3.Hang out with smokers
Neglect ur dental hygience
3years if u..
1.Stay single
2.have a negative name
3.Skip breakfast
5years if u..
1.Are an atheist
2.Are a teetotal
3.Love to sleep
4.Are a smoker
10years if u..
1.are negative
2.are a loner
3.Never get heath checks
4.drink too much
15 years if u..
1.are a sugar addict
2.shallow breathe
3.dont get ur five fruit and vege a day
4.let stress get u down
*if feel interesting, read more further at the cleo magazine..trustable or not??judge urself..=)

Tuesday, 15 January 2008


hey,I'm here again..Let say smtg excited..FInally, Jay is coming to MAlaysia!!horay!! I've been waiting for 2 years+... He will helding a concert on 23 feb 2008 at stadium merdeka..COme come, let go togeter!!! yes, no doubt..I got the ticket edy..on last Saturday was the 1st day to launch for this event..they start to sell ticket on that day..I q 2hours at sungei wang to get the ticket!!! Luckily I'm the 7th. if not I dunno how many hours I have to wait to get the ticket.. Jumping high while I get the ticket!! hooray, let party on that day!! =)
Well,finish about the ticket's part..2 days remaining for my final exam..everyday have to study study and study...=.= hopefully, I'll get my result with flying colour..bye..time to study again...I'll update as soon as possible ya..hugsssssssss..

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

say 'HI' to 2008..

Happy new year 2008..
hey,happy new year anyone..welcome to the year 2008..
Let forget the sad memory and remain the happy moment of 2007..
Welcome the year 2008 with hapiness and may all ur dreams come true..
*final is getting nearer, I might not update my blog frequently.. be patient ya readers.. =)