Friday, 29 February 2008

WE love Zhou jie lun.. ^^

I know I should post about my Melaka's trip..But I do not have all the pictures with me be patient ya.. ^^

23.2.2008 was a memorable day for me.. finally the day had come..JAY's concert!! It was reli a good show through..He talked alot tat night..he is kind,charm and cute!! but I admit he is not handsome.. =)

the special guest on tat day was 'nan quan mama'.
Jay played piano with yu hao remind me of the movie secret,played drum, guitar, yoyo and dance tat night..We reli screamed out laugh tat night.. he is so cool!! I love him!! =) The concert was reli cool!!REAd more at HERE!!

And guess wat?? I approximately cry out on tat night when he was singing 'an zing' with his piano(the song playing in my profile now)..this song reli mean so much to me..sobs..although it was already 7years of history..but it mean a lot to me..=)

well,he is the only one singer I supported for so many years..

I rem during my form one time..I started to fall in love to jay's song..I still rem wat ppy told me : jay chou??not handsome also??u like his song ar?? but now??she love jay chou too!! haha..she even scream louder thn me during the concert!!haha..I in fluent her to like jay by singing 'an zing' in front of her on tat time..thn she like it too..haha..=)no matter how, we promise we will going to his concert again with the most expensive ticket next time..Jay,we are waiting for u!! we supporting you forever.. ^^ Gambatek!!

both of the jay's fan

support jay form his 1st album

until his newest albumand we will continue supporting.. =P

We love ZHOU JIE LUN..=P

Sunday, 24 February 2008

For you..

I had made my hardest decision throughout my 20years of life..
I do not know my decision mean wat to you..
maybe you will hate me or hurt..
I do not know how to express all of my feeling to you..
I am feeling bad too..
my tears are dropping..
I reli do not mean to lost a fren..
You said u feel pain bec of my changes..
but the painful u had given to me is just so memorable..
I cannot forget about it..
I'm soli...
maybe it is a good solution for me..
but not for you..
I admit I'm selfish..
I wan to protech myself..
I'm selfish I know..
Sorry for whatever I did to you..

Monday, 18 February 2008

Died of bored!!

Alice is bored!! Hope everyone of you enjoy ur CNY celebration..=)
For me,CNY tis year was 80% bored +20% happy.. haha..BOred bec ntg much special during CNY..happy because I had meet up all of my secondary schoolmate except JUn jun N chin during the so called 'gathering' at my house..BBQ party..thx for coming everyone...although I have not much time to talk to u all, but I appreciate the time when we gather.. And I forgot to take photo on tat one ask me to take photo aslo..should remind me ma,I knoe I was busy on tat day..haha..
Let talk about the CNY movie..CJ7 n Kung fu dunk..I had watched both of them..unfortunenately, Kung fu dunk had disappointed me.. I prefer sercet..N cj7 is quite touching n funny..=) stephen chow had sucessfull turn his imej..argee?
Tis wednesday I will going to melaka with classmate..I thk the ppl who are going will be same as when we went PD last time..=) I will take the advantage to take more photo blog will died without photos..haha..hopefully can come back at thursday..CHAP GOR MIE..I wan go to BUANG OREN..ha ha..
stay tune ya..I will update after I come back from Melaka..bye..

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Xin NiAN dAo!!!

chinese new year is just around the u all well prepared for this festival?!yup, my final exam finally over on last saturday and no doubt I am having my one mth holiday right now.. =) now is the time for me to prepare the mood for Chinese new year..This CNY doesnt mean much for me, because sisters are not here, aunty and uncle also not here.. bored!!! Hopefully can meet up with my friend tis new year...FRIENDS, HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL!! =)
I was reli busy in this few days..Cleaning tis or that,wash new clothe n etc..tired..I wan sleep whole day in home la!! =) since I having one mth holidays, I have alot of thg planing to do..these are the things i hope I can finish up during my holliday..MAny more to do..
1.manage all of my pictures
2.edit my pictures shooting for my personal album
4.exercise up with friend
6.kedah and Pulau Pinang trip
7.Genting trip with mum
K la,stop here.. HAppy chinese new year to all My friends!!!!