Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I had an unluckly day!!

yes, I'm back.. Just finish my final today..
I'm not going to talk about my final..
I'm here today to share my unlucky experience I had on last week!!

1st issue:

Ppy asked me to go interview at her working place as customer service position last friday..
I told her I wan to work only 3mth and I asked her to confirm with the manager so that I apply for part timer not full time...She told me they normally will employ part timer also.. they asked me to go interview.. So, I dressed up formally to interview early in the morning.. And Guess wat is the answer I got from them?? they said they need full time!!sweat!! thn wat for asked me come and interview?? they told me maybe they have other position tat they need part timer, they will let me know.. Yet, I didnt put much expectation on this job ...
Fine lo, didn't get the job.. I still felt ok with it...

2nd issue :

went to took taxi after interview.. PPy told me, the taxi driver there normally we have to bargain with them.. they wont use the meter.. she told me max Rm 10.. Fine lo.. I saw a taxi, so called ' executive taxi '.. I just get in to the taxi.. bec reli hard to get a taxi there..he didn't tell me how much for the charge.. He used the meter measurement.. N one thg shocked me is - Rm 6 charger once I got into the car!! I was like, still ok la..ppy said Rm 10 is worth ma.. The distance form sapura building to sungai besi LRt station is only 7 min!!! you know end up the bill is how much?! RM 17!!! O.O vomit blood... I forgot where to throw the resit edy.. It only took 7mins ler.. RM 17!! wth... felt reli not worth lo.. Job didnt get, But end up I have to pay the damn expensive taxi fare!!

3rd issue:

After the interview, I meet up with some of my classmate to get those note which need for me to prepare the exam.. So I went to Photostat those note lo.. And, it was overcharged!!! Rm 6 for only 15 pages!! nicole told me tat she Photostat at college area only Rm 1.60.. OH shit!! reli feel malang tat day!!

4th issue :

on Saturday, my exam time.. I felt stomachache during my exam.. It was just distract me lo.. >.<

5th issue :

After the exam, we were discussing the exam question.. On the way walking to bus stop, my leg'terseliuh' .. I wonder how come my leg can terseliuh while I'm walking ar?? I found my ankle swallow like an egg at night.. it was painful too.. >.<
I have to use some traditional herb to put on it...

As a conclusion , I'm very 'sui' recently...

I wonder, Y me???!!! O.o

God, Pls give me good luck la..
If not I will cry like a big babe ... =)

-the end -

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Announcement form Alice..

I will away from my computer with internet connection for 3 weeks..
I wan use my time to prepare for my final...
I dun wan any of my plans delay just because of I cant graduate..
pls pray hard for me...
But, I wonder anyone reading my blog??
If yes say hi to me... =)
k,stay tune reader, I will be back...

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Outing with friends..

hello people, I woke up earlier today just to blog.. =)

here it is.. last saturday I was hanging out with Vic, Ppy n Jun Jun at mv ..Finally I have the chance to meet up with Jun jun huh.. =) long time nvr see her edy..miss her so much... she still look thin as usual.. Having a fun day with them.. =)

we went to watch movie at 1st.. We watched spiderwick.. it was a nice movie.. all of us enjoyed our movie.. thumb up!! =) after tat, we went to the Garden to have our lunch.. We have chosen 'shilin xiao chi'.. 1st try for me at there I go for oyster mee sua.. it was reli delicious.. they like it too.. Jun go for seafood tempura.. Quite unique for me.. N the XXL chicken chop, We preferred the one which sell at pasar malam.. lol..

Kim Han do u know how to cook the mee sua??since u worked there before.. delicious la.. =)

have a look of our pictures which taken tat day.. =)

The oyster mee sua.. 'ho chak'

me,vic,py and JUn.. =)

cam whoring with my camera..

Edited by Jun..
Edited by Me..=)
which wan u prefer? =)

*yes, I have my own digital camera.. PINK COLOUR!! Jumping high for it.. =)

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A big thank you to NICOLE GAN !!

Yesterday I cried.. I miss someone.. All the memories just came out automatically from my brain..I send sms to victoria. who know she said she was date with her bf, asked me to go to bed and talk tomorrow..sadness.. Ur so call dear is crying, u care ni ur bf.. hais, disappointed.. It is ok, I forgive u dear.. =)

After that, I sms nicole.. A big thx you to her.. THX you for advice me so sincerely.. u are just same like last time.. when I sad, u will care for me.. tak sia sia I threat u as my daughter huh?! =) Anyway, I promised you long time ago, I wont cry easily because of this issue.. but soli, I broke my promise.. I will try my best to control myself ok??


I'm ok right now, Let cheers.. =)