Friday, 29 August 2008

I achieved it.. =)

Ielts result is release on today..
Overall, I get band 6...
the writing part spoil my result..
I could actually get 6.5..
but, due to my writing part archive only band 5.5..
end up, my average only can get 6.0..
I feel a little bit disappointed at 1st bec I aimed at band 7..
yet, I already achieved the minimum uni's requirement..
should be grateful of it... =)

After dat, I went to pyramid with nicole..
long time no c..
have a fun afternoon with her..
felt happy with her bec she is a food lover..
we jalan jalan cari makan..
from BBQ plaza to berry passion..
I love the drinks & desserts of berry passion..
definitely I will go bck for their cake again.. =)
Of course I did my shopping too..
I bought some skin care products..
A lot of thg need to buy be4 going off..
gosh.. I need more $$$$...

*k la, going to alor setar to9 n hat yai tomorrow..bye my friends.. =)
oh ya, happy independent day for Malaysian.. =)

current mood : happy.. =)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

I'm finally free!!

yeapi.. I'm finally free..
today is my last day working at Sapura..
although still have a lot of things waiting me to settle..
yet,officially I have my 19 days of holidays start today..

friends, come come ask me yam cha..
sure I will layan ...=)

I'm going to hat yai 2morow..
for my close frens, wait for my souvenirs k?!
I'm going to shop till I drop!!
Excited!! haha...

I have to manage my time to update my blog b4 I going off..
still have a lot of pending post.. =)
I will update soon k..
miss ya... hugs hugs.. =)

*My IELTS 's result is release on tomorrow..wish me good tat I can go shopping with nicole happily after dat..=)

current mood: happy..

Saturday, 16 August 2008

第 一 次.

第 一 次 用 中 文 来 写 部 落 格.
只 想 描 术 自 己 现 在 心情.
刚 考 完 了 我 的 国 际 英 文, 心 情 很 轻 松.

不 过 心 灵 觉 得 很 累.
这 一 次 的 眼 泪 流 得 不 比 上 一 次 多,
不 过 这 一 次, 心 比 较 痛,
你 在 部 落 格 的 每 一 句 话 都 令 我 难 过.
真 的 很 痛.. . . . .
你 也 会 和 我 一 样 吗??

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I went to subang for my test just now..
I thk the test was went through well..
waiting for the others part of the test being held on this sat.. =)

this is the photo I took be4 go for the test..
full of confidence hor?! lolx..

Current mood: calm..

Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Test is held on 2morow..
I'm feeling calm right now..
Reli calm..
be ready for the test..
just let it be...

My heart is feeling weak..
I should predict tis happen on me again..
Finally I realized something that I should be realize earlier..
Finally I know wat type of person you are..
Wat u did, remain memories..
I have nothing to say..
You go on with ur s....
Dun apologize to me..

I have no comment..
My life still go on..

p/s: dun ask me wat happen if you dun understand
I'm not going to explain..

Saturday, 9 August 2008


I'm doing research on my IELTS speaking test which is fall on next Wednesday.
whereas the others parts will be held on next Saturday..

I'm trying to reduce my error on grammar..
I'm trying to score on speaking & writing part..
I'm trying to do more practice as I could..
I'm trying to achieve the target that has been set earlier..

oh gosh..Pls dun fail me..>.<
I don't wan to waste my hard earned money to get a fail on it..

Working hard..pray for me...

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Saturday, 2 August 2008


This post had been postpone for so long..
a party was held at my house for my lovely classmates..
finally we graduated, I decided to hold a small gathering before convo..
For those who are not invited, sorry..
only close friends were invited...
Hopefully, It was a good memories for those who came..
see you guys around... =)

The foods:

buddy's pictures:

makan jangan tak makan..=)

audrey vs me..
to audrey:don't be so shy..=)

girls.. =)

happy us.. =)

three of us with 'ubi'.. =)


fang, cute nicole n me..=)

sister and brother..

mum vs lui..=)

rina,heng zai vs me..=)

pretty rina vs me..=)

tt,loong loong vs me.. lolx..

gays... =)

3 beauties vs 2 guys..

happy family..=)

mong cha cha..=)

lovely picture..

all of us...
miss ya my friends..