Tuesday, 25 December 2007

MErry CHrisTmaS..

Is Christmas today!! Merry christmas everyone.. I have four day of holiday..saturday until today..well, how do I spend my christmas eve?

Firstly, as I plan earlier, celebrate py's belated birthday at red box KTV sunway pyramid.. 3 of us- py,victoria N I have a fun day through..All of us wearing purple colour shirt on dat day..=)

While I was in the K room, ken called me up n ask for steamboat at that night..since I have ntg to do at night, I said yes lo.. He picked me up at vic's house around 7pm thn head straight to OUG there for steamboat with ck n kw too..I'm the only gal..biasalah..haha..quiet fun with them la.. After the dinner, went to pyramid..everywhere was jam..luckily kw lead us use the other highway to sunway without JAM!! MIracle.. There were so crowed with people..Those people played snow spray like crazy..But 4 of us just stood at there n look lo..hehe..no snow spray ma... after that, went back home lo..=) that was how I spent my christmas eve.. *wink*

How about today?? I just accompany my mum to walk around at mid valley.. Crowed again.. =.= went back home with empty hand.. that all lo..

After having tis four days of holiday, is time to go for class tomorow again.. lazy..do u all have the same feeling with me?? haha..

There are the random pictures of us at christmas eve.. =)

Thursday, 20 December 2007


hey people, Long time no see..more than one mth I didt update myself edy..You guys wonder where I sesat to right?!ha ha..I was really busy about all those assignment ,mid term test and also classmate and besty's birthday celebration..There were many of them who are having their last teenager birthday within this mth..It including my best fren who having her big day today too..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PPY..may all ur dreams come true...=)
Christmas and 'dong Zhi' are coming soon..Hope u guys enjoy the 'tang yuan' and christmas celebration..I'm already in Christmas spirit..Like to ahnging around in shopping complex bec of christmas tree and decoration..yeapi..the feeling of HAppy..=)
Beside this, all final also getting nearer edy.. All the assignment were passed up finally.. left one presentation to go on tomorow..I wonder y I lost the feeling to prepare my presentation well in this sem..I just hope to get a pass on it and proceed to my final..That all..after all the course work, is time for me to prepare for my final edy..after that, enjoy my CNY..=).. most important is well prepare for my final, I dun wan the history happen again..I have to score even better to in order to boost up my average..Gambatek..hopefully, the laziness wont pull me down..
That all for today, Happy merry christmas..=)

Sunday, 11 November 2007

My SIMPLE life..

It's been a long time since I last post at here..I agreed wat brian said, loosing the feeling to blog..A lot of thg need to be done..well,LEt start the story.. I did mention in previuos post aobut my law paper in my final right?!YES,I FAIL THIS subject!!! The moment I saw my result,I reli feel very bad..I keep asking myself ,how come my result so damn bad?! It true u knoe?!Except the fail subject,overally my result is just passed..WAT A SUSPRISE for me??I nvr expected this happen..I did work hard last sem,how come I got the worst result?!It was a FAILURE for my study life..As Ms agnes tan said it is just a small failure in ur life..YES,I should'nt give up just like that right?!RESIT again..SCORE better..=) The passing mark have been adjusted,it is getting harder to score edy..I reli worry about my result for this semester...have to work hard for it..second year for diploma is NOT EASY!!!GAMBATEK!!

wat else happen within this two weeks time ya??Let me recall...everyday assignment,discussion and mid term test on next coming week.. oh ya,finally meet up with emily last saturday..my primary schoolmate whom lost contact for few years..nice to meet you again..=) hang around at One U,She bought a lotssssss and we talk alot too...

Next,went out with my best friend-py ystdy..Well,we have a fun day through..Pictures shooting at Taman Aman after breakfast and head to the curve to buy victoria birthday present..=) hanging around at 3 shooping complex there..and finally I get the BIG APPLE DONUT from the curve..yummy..u guys have to give a try on it..*promoting* hehe..
ok,let enjoy some of the pictures which taken by me & ppy..

PPy's photos..


BOth of US..^^

The BIg apple DOnut vs US..

ok,that all for today..any comment for the pictures..I'm always welcome from u all..^^

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

My birthday celebration part 2..

yeah,my 2rd birthday celebration in tis year..celebrated with my all my guai lui la..=) *happy family* firstly,they brought me eat steamboat for the dinner right after class..thn we went to titiwangsa to visit the 'eye on Malaysia' VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2007' haha..And they gave me a susprise when we sat inside the cabin..they lighten up the candle there..*susprise*..=) let the pictures talking..=)

-the steamboat shop's menu-

-eye on Malaysia-

-me posing with the ticket n ballon..=)-

-look at the ballon,they bought for me..=)-

-All of us,thx you..love u all..=) -

-look at my birthday cake..tagged mama ong chai ping..haha-

-nice picturesssss-

-group picture take 1-

take 2

take 3

-rina with me-

My present

-all of my present present..still have some of the ppl owing my present ya..u guys knoe who you are..haha-

*to all my guai lui and beloved frens,thx for given me a memorable birthday..I love all of you ...*