Sunday, 11 November 2007

My SIMPLE life..

It's been a long time since I last post at here..I agreed wat brian said, loosing the feeling to blog..A lot of thg need to be done..well,LEt start the story.. I did mention in previuos post aobut my law paper in my final right?!YES,I FAIL THIS subject!!! The moment I saw my result,I reli feel very bad..I keep asking myself ,how come my result so damn bad?! It true u knoe?!Except the fail subject,overally my result is just passed..WAT A SUSPRISE for me??I nvr expected this happen..I did work hard last sem,how come I got the worst result?!It was a FAILURE for my study life..As Ms agnes tan said it is just a small failure in ur life..YES,I should'nt give up just like that right?!RESIT again..SCORE better..=) The passing mark have been adjusted,it is getting harder to score edy..I reli worry about my result for this semester...have to work hard for it..second year for diploma is NOT EASY!!!GAMBATEK!!

wat else happen within this two weeks time ya??Let me recall...everyday assignment,discussion and mid term test on next coming week.. oh ya,finally meet up with emily last primary schoolmate whom lost contact for few years..nice to meet you again..=) hang around at One U,She bought a lotssssss and we talk alot too...

Next,went out with my best friend-py ystdy..Well,we have a fun day through..Pictures shooting at Taman Aman after breakfast and head to the curve to buy victoria birthday present..=) hanging around at 3 shooping complex there..and finally I get the BIG APPLE DONUT from the curve..yummy..u guys have to give a try on it..*promoting* hehe..
ok,let enjoy some of the pictures which taken by me & ppy..

PPy's photos..


BOth of US..^^

The BIg apple DOnut vs US..

ok,that all for today..any comment for the pictures..I'm always welcome from u all..^^