Monday, 10 August 2009

Ban Jia.. =)

dear readers, I have my new blog..

Please changed your link to

Hope to hear from u all on my new blog..


Sunday, 26 July 2009

Finally ,eventually, Zhung yu..

Dear readers, I am finally back to my lap top..

I finally got my new lap top charger after 5 weeks..

I was planning to update all my pictures of me in Ireland for the last 10 mths..


I didn't expected it would happen, I do not have any back up for those pictures..

I don't know what to do right now, just leave it for few weeks and turn on again..

If it doesn't work anymore, I think I will keep it and bring it back home for recover those data..

Please stop sleeping my handy 160.. >.<

ok, let briefly update myself..

As per mentioned , I went to the second interview for my placement..

Feel grateful I went it through and get the job.. I am currently work in a insurance company..

and work as customer service representative..

t hank for the previous work experienced I had when I was in Malaysia..

This job isn't direct related to my current major..

ut it is a chance for me to improve my English and communication skills..

It is a good company to work with though, friendly team leader and etc..

I had move to another place due to this work as well..

Things keep charging, me aka shan shan keep growing..

I cant wait until the day I finish my studies and work in real marketing industry..

Good Luck for everything..Cheers..

Next excited planning I have now is trip to Amsterdam..

I am going on second week of September I there have nothing charges with my friend.. Yeah!!

Amsterdam I am coming!!

Ps : Stop raining pls, it is summer time..

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Feel little blue today..
I am now having my 3 months summer holidays and following by 4 months work placement..
Yet, everything seem like not settle down..
Went to an interview for work placement last week and I fail to impress..
I didn't get the job..
I had receive another phone call for interview on tomorrow..
They need two references from me, it either from academic or work place..
Unfortunately, I fail to contact my boss today..
I only have one from my course leader for now..
oh God,everything seem went wrong..
My lap top charger which I bought online haven't received yet..
I cant online at home, cant check tips for interview and so forth..
Other than this, I only work one day now for my part time job due to recession..
I need more money!!! I wan go holiday!! I need to pay rental!! I wish I could afford part of my studies fee!!! =.=

Oh god, hopefully everything go right after tis..
Be right back readers...

Monday, 27 April 2009

Chai Ping ----->Wei Shan

Hey friends, Call me Wei Shan now ... =)

Well, I rang back home yesterday..

Mum told me my new name was out already..

So, call me Wei Shan now !! =)

Mum said it is a good name, tell me what you think ?! =)

Friday, 17 April 2009


Oh gosh, I am trying to finish part 3 of my advertising assignment which about the media planning.

I keep reminding myself I need to write as a advertising prospective not marketing..

Oh my god, it is so distractive..

Marketing?! no no no, advertising!!

Gosh, no matter how, I still need to do it..

So stop complain and continue to work for it..

say cheese.. O.o

Friday, 3 April 2009

I need help!

dear friends,

Does anybody know how to get flash work well in dreamweaver?!
Is just doesn't work for me whenever I insert flash into my web page..
Anyone know how to solve it?


Sunday, 22 March 2009

emo queen?!

I feel so emo this few days..

Everything seems went wrong..

My web design pages idea got banned from my tutor, I need to think the story board again..

I have no more passion to do my assignment..

Next, my work performance was so terrible tonight, I broke a cup, forgot customer's orders and etc.. I was so blur tonight..

Thirdly, I knew I should finish up my social marketing's assignment in order to give me more time to design my web page, yet I really can't bring my mood into it..

Oh my my my...what going wrong with me?!

was thinking too much?! tell me what wrong..

*if my heart have a face, it would be smiling..

Thursday, 5 March 2009



Wednesday, 25 February 2009

head cracking..

I have really interesting subjects this semester..
These including web design and advertising..

Both of these are 100% project base subjects where require us to put a lot of
efforts to create a professional web page and also creative strategy for the advertising project..

I still have another project on my hand due on this Friday where I still not yet done..

oh gosh, I need more creativity.. =(

I have 3 projects need to pass up continuously within this 3 weeks..

I need to do photography, photoshop, idea and more ideas..

And I just came back from Dublin for the brief of the marketing challenge..
My team need to do discussion and come out marketing strategies within these 2 weeks too!!
My 60 days trial of Microsoft Office was expired, and I need to do all the typing in college..
My face properly look like this right now..

I will working hard for all the projects..

I want the f***ing 1-1 degree..

I want to score more marks in projects..

I know I will .. haha.. over confidence..

Ok guys, off to do my f***ing project..

miss ya..

Sunday, 8 February 2009


hey, finally an update from me..
yup, this winter is really freezing..
and I saw snow!!!
I am consider lucky enough..
I saw snow in my 1st winter in Ireland..
You cant see snow every year during winter at Waterford..
Eventhough the snow wasn't heavy as London or other European country..
but, it enough to delight my day.. ^^


the slippery road..

it was snowing..=)

keep snowing..

me &cousin with snow as our background..^^

Dublin ..

Christmas decoration in Dublin

Me in dublin

Well, a lot of my friends asked me the same question..

'How is your Chinese new year celebration over there?! ' friends
'I go to class as usual' alice

We dont have any celebration for CNY, We celebrate christmas instead..
Celebrate christmas in Ireland is not a good idea for tourist..
all shop will close on 25 &26 December..
what you could do is stay at home and spend your time with your family..

How did I spent my Christmas?!

I was having my semester break and worked as part-timer for the whole sem break..
My friends went back home to celebrate their christmas..
Therefore,I off 2 days from my work and spent time with my cousin, uncle, and his friends..
We had steamboat for dinner and gamble after that..
It seem like it was the celebration for CNY anyway.. =)

-end the story for Christmas celebration-

Today is the last day for CNY, is not too late for me to wish all of you have a

happy 'yuan xiao jie' ..
Good luck throughout the year of OX.. =)

* update coming soon.. =)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

been waiting so long?!

Hey my friends, I have been missing approximately five weeks from blogging?!
I know I should update yet I am too lazy to manage my photos..haha..
Ok dear readers, I will update my blog on Thursday..
Miss you, you and you!! =)
Wait for me!!! =)