Wednesday, 24 October 2007

My birthday celebration part 2..

yeah,my 2rd birthday celebration in tis year..celebrated with my all my guai lui la..=) *happy family* firstly,they brought me eat steamboat for the dinner right after class..thn we went to titiwangsa to visit the 'eye on Malaysia' VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2007' haha..And they gave me a susprise when we sat inside the cabin..they lighten up the candle there..*susprise*..=) let the pictures talking..=)

-the steamboat shop's menu-

-eye on Malaysia-

-me posing with the ticket n ballon..=)-

-look at the ballon,they bought for me..=)-

-All of us,thx u all..=) -

-look at my birthday cake..tagged mama ong chai ping..haha-

-nice picturesssss-

-group picture take 1-

take 2

take 3

-rina with me-

My present

-all of my present present..still have some of the ppl owing my present ya..u guys knoe who you are..haha-

*to all my guai lui and beloved frens,thx for given me a memorable birthday..I love all of you ...*

mY birthday celebration part 1& 3


This is my first birthday celebration for my last teenager year...Well,thx to you guys celebrated with me on my birthday..=) I knoe it suppost to be a susprise party,but thn due to one of the incident,haha,tak jadi..=) anyway,thx..

-darling filling the 'teh ice' for all of us =)-

-wat make me smile like tis when I making my wishes??lol-

-3,2,1..happy birthday-

-who said birthday gal should bite the candle??but I did..=) -

-both of my dear n darling sitting beside me=)-


-take 1-

-take 2-

-and take 3-

-thks for the flower,=)-

-n thks for the cake,=)-

PArt three

This the 3rd birthday celebration in tis years.. This was a belated birthday celebration with my classmate..celebrated it on wan sin's birthday.just a simple celebration..=)

-look at the 'siew chan' on the cake..funny la..=)-

-the birthday b0y n the belated birthday gal..=)-

Monday, 15 October 2007



15 oct 1988 is the day I reached this world..Thx for my parents for taking care of me for 19 years...thx a lot...Muackss..

-three months old,look cubby right??=) -

After 19 years...

-19 years old, I still look chubby...=)-

thx for the celebration,present and wishes form all my frens..thx alot...=) I will apperciate my last teenager years..thx millions..*pictures will upload soon*

that all for today..good nite..

Cameron Highland..

First of all,Selamat Hari raya everyone..Everyone enjoy the public holiday ya..Well,I having my four days holiday from monday until today..I spending two days of my holiday for a vacation at Cameron highland with my mum and relatives..As u all knoe,cameron highland is famous of strawberry,flower,cactus and now,let the pictures talking ya...


-little mei mei,=)-

-cousin vs me-

-the place they plant the vege-

-the resort,=)-

-the strawberry part-
-i'm the strawberry lover =) -

-I like these strawberry stuff-

-the flower,cactus and vegetables part-

After cameron highland,we went back to my mum's hometown which is at kampar to visit some relative there..after that,we went back KL..this was how I spend my 2 days Of my holidays..=)