Tuesday, 25 December 2007

MErry CHrisTmaS..

Is Christmas today!! Merry christmas everyone.. I have four day of holiday..saturday until today..well, how do I spend my christmas eve?

Firstly, as I plan earlier, celebrate py's belated birthday at red box KTV sunway pyramid.. 3 of us- py,victoria N I have a fun day through..All of us wearing purple colour shirt on dat day..=)

While I was in the K room, ken called me up n ask for steamboat at that night..since I have ntg to do at night, I said yes lo.. He picked me up at vic's house around 7pm thn head straight to OUG there for steamboat with ck n kw too..I'm the only gal..biasalah..haha..quiet fun with them la.. After the dinner, went to pyramid..everywhere was jam..luckily kw lead us use the other highway to sunway without JAM!! MIracle.. There were so crowed with people..Those people played snow spray like crazy..But 4 of us just stood at there n look lo..hehe..no snow spray ma... after that, went back home lo..=) that was how I spent my christmas eve.. *wink*

How about today?? I just accompany my mum to walk around at mid valley.. Crowed again.. =.= went back home with empty hand.. that all lo..

After having tis four days of holiday, is time to go for class tomorow again.. lazy..do u all have the same feeling with me?? haha..

There are the random pictures of us at christmas eve.. =)

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