Thursday, 16 October 2008

Beginning of a new journey..

Sorry again for the disappear..
Let update about me at here..
Mum went back Malaysia on Monday after I had settle down everything..
I not able to send her off because I have to attend my class as usual..
I called her before she depart, I cried like a big baby on the phone..
I gonna miss her much at here..
I'm alone in my little room right now..

I know I have to independent..

I thought I'm too..

But I feel reli weak..

My tear could drop easily nowadays.

I have home sick, friend sick..

I feel so strange at here..

I have to become stronger..

Because everyone does'nt want to see me fall..

You all will support me, will you?!

I should stop thinking now..
ok friends, I'm base at waterford right now..
It consider the 5th city at Ireland..

But it just like Ipoh for me..
Just a small town..

Everythg is so different from Malaysia.

Let me list them up :

1.Shops will close at 6pm everyday and they open at 11pm on Sunday..
2.No entertainment here except going to pub..
3.We get our wages every week not every month..

4.You can see girls or women smoke everywhere..

5.You can see men bring their children to park more than women does..

6. two way communication between tutor and students at college..
7. Irish like to eat fattening food, eg : chocolate and sweet drinks..

Their culture is reli different from us..

oh ya, did I tell you all about my college?!

well, I'm currently studying at Waterford Institution of Technology.
It is a famous college here..
The environment is good but the fee also 'good' !!
Thx for my sisters whom paid for me..
Let me tell you all the weird part of me..
I actually can understand wat tutor is teaching..
I couldn't understand wat my friends are taking sometimes..
WEIRD right?!
Maybe they have the slang or maybe they speck too fast?!

And I got the part time job at thai restaurant..
Not a very good paid because I dun have the student visa yet..
I'm going to send my resume off tomorrow at the town since I will get it very soon..

I can get minimum 8.65 euro per hour..
Pray for me I got a good job..

The last thing that I wan to update about is MY HOUSE!!

I have a lot of complaint about this matter..

I'm staying with the 3 others students whom come from china..
They are freaking dirty!!
They can just leave their things there after cooking and eating..

They kitchen is so damn disgusting..

The microwave, oven, washing machine, everything that inside the kitchen..
I tell my uncle and sisters, I'm not going to clean it and I dun wan to cook there!!
I will overnight at my uncle house every weekends..
I dun wan to stay at here..
I am sure you will ask me why you rent here then?!
I can tell you now..
Bec the rental is very affordable and near to my college..
I can just walk to my coll..
At least, my small little room is very clean and tidy..
I stay in my room all the day..

I know this post is overloaded..

but this is how my life here..

friends, I miss everyone of you..

Hugs Hugs.. =)

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