Wednesday, 25 February 2009

head cracking..

I have really interesting subjects this semester..
These including web design and advertising..

Both of these are 100% project base subjects where require us to put a lot of
efforts to create a professional web page and also creative strategy for the advertising project..

I still have another project on my hand due on this Friday where I still not yet done..

oh gosh, I need more creativity.. =(

I have 3 projects need to pass up continuously within this 3 weeks..

I need to do photography, photoshop, idea and more ideas..

And I just came back from Dublin for the brief of the marketing challenge..
My team need to do discussion and come out marketing strategies within these 2 weeks too!!
My 60 days trial of Microsoft Office was expired, and I need to do all the typing in college..
My face properly look like this right now..

I will working hard for all the projects..

I want the f***ing 1-1 degree..

I want to score more marks in projects..

I know I will .. haha.. over confidence..

Ok guys, off to do my f***ing project..

miss ya..


|[ JuN x jUn ]| said...

wow,sound interesting ur life there ^^
I knw u can make it also...Cuz u'r the alice i knw =]

:: j o a n n e :: said...

chill lah my dear..
i know u can make it!!