Tuesday, 15 January 2008


hey,I'm here again..Let say smtg excited..FInally, Jay is coming to MAlaysia!!horay!! I've been waiting for 2 years+... He will helding a concert on 23 feb 2008 at stadium merdeka..COme come, let go togeter!!! yes, no doubt..I got the ticket edy..on last Saturday was the 1st day to launch for this event..they start to sell ticket on that day..I q 2hours at sungei wang to get the ticket!!! Luckily I'm the 7th. if not I dunno how many hours I have to wait to get the ticket.. Jumping high while I get the ticket!! hooray, let party on that day!! =)
Well,finish about the ticket's part..2 days remaining for my final exam..everyday have to study study and study...=.= hopefully, I'll get my result with flying colour..bye..time to study again...I'll update as soon as possible ya..hugsssssssss..