Monday, 21 January 2008

choose how long you life??

I found this article in the Cleo magazine..boys and girls, if you wan to live longer..follow these...=)
you'll add a year to your life if you...
1.Take vitamin C for 5 hours per week
3.have sex
4.give bloodonce a year
you'll add 3 years longer if you..
1. wash your hand
2.Aim to excel
3.Drink tea
4.Play card
5 years longer if you..
1.Eat chocolate
2.Get a morning kiss
3.Practise hara hachi bu
(meaning stopping eating when you're 80% full.)
4.Become vegetarian
10years longer if you..
1.Eat banana a day
2.Take up dancing
3.Look after your look
15years longer if you..
1.control your cholesterol
2.Eat fewer calories
3. Go vegan
4.Build muscle
shorten 1 years if you..
1.Are 10 pounds overweight
2.dont have a pet
3.Hang out with smokers
Neglect ur dental hygience
3years if u..
1.Stay single
2.have a negative name
3.Skip breakfast
5years if u..
1.Are an atheist
2.Are a teetotal
3.Love to sleep
4.Are a smoker
10years if u..
1.are negative
2.are a loner
3.Never get heath checks
4.drink too much
15 years if u..
1.are a sugar addict
2.shallow breathe
3.dont get ur five fruit and vege a day
4.let stress get u down
*if feel interesting, read more further at the cleo magazine..trustable or not??judge urself..=)

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