Friday, 29 August 2008

I achieved it.. =)

Ielts result is release on today..
Overall, I get band 6...
the writing part spoil my result..
I could actually get 6.5..
but, due to my writing part archive only band 5.5..
end up, my average only can get 6.0..
I feel a little bit disappointed at 1st bec I aimed at band 7..
yet, I already achieved the minimum uni's requirement..
should be grateful of it... =)

After dat, I went to pyramid with nicole..
long time no c..
have a fun afternoon with her..
felt happy with her bec she is a food lover..
we jalan jalan cari makan..
from BBQ plaza to berry passion..
I love the drinks & desserts of berry passion..
definitely I will go bck for their cake again.. =)
Of course I did my shopping too..
I bought some skin care products..
A lot of thg need to buy be4 going off..
gosh.. I need more $$$$...

*k la, going to alor setar to9 n hat yai tomorrow..bye my friends.. =)
oh ya, happy independent day for Malaysian.. =)

current mood : happy.. =)

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