Saturday, 2 August 2008


This post had been postpone for so long..
a party was held at my house for my lovely classmates..
finally we graduated, I decided to hold a small gathering before convo..
For those who are not invited, sorry..
only close friends were invited...
Hopefully, It was a good memories for those who came..
see you guys around... =)

The foods:

buddy's pictures:

makan jangan tak makan..=)

audrey vs me..
to audrey:don't be so shy..=)

girls.. =)

happy us.. =)

three of us with 'ubi'.. =)


fang, cute nicole n me..=)

sister and brother..

mum vs lui..=)

rina,heng zai vs me..=)

pretty rina vs me..=)

tt,loong loong vs me.. lolx..

gays... =)

3 beauties vs 2 guys..

happy family..=)

mong cha cha..=)

lovely picture..

all of us...
miss ya my friends..

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