Wednesday, 27 June 2007


dunno where to start..hmm,let start by the 'marathon' today..well,what do I mean by marathon at here?? at first, the 'lecture marathon' -having four hours lecture class straight..skip the last one hour lecture class..=] being naughty today..bec of what???four of us - ME,KHEI,NICOLE n TING were being naughty because of the two birthday gal in next coming month..bobo and Serina...we are going to buy their present within four hours break..they were kept asking y we skip class and we just annoyed them and leave. We lied to them that we going to do our group assignment..=] they look like not believe on have to use our time wisely,class start at 3pm..After having our lunch, then we continue our marathon which is ' shopping marathon' ..we went to time square n sungei wang..Ting drove today, her driving skill was 'pretty good' =] we reach there within 20 minutes from college..we kept walking and look around, we were decided to buy serina a shirt in SEED and a bag from radio active for bobo.It was really tired to complete this 'mission' within 2 and a half hours.Beside that, we felt suffering too..bec wat??we cant shop for ourselves!!! you know right?Mega sales some more, MNG, SEED n etc..tempted us to buy..but we have not enough time to shop for ourselves..Mega sales wait for us!!! =] After complete our mission, quickly rush back to coll..we reach college at 3.10pm, thn we start our 'run marathon'..we ran to class..It was the first time for me..RUN RUN embarrassed..= = When we open the door,whole class look at us and the tutor asked us the reason to being late..we just smile to her and sit sorry ms koon..=] Finally finish class at 4pm, bobo asked us y we being late pula,we have to start creating story..lie her again..OMG,it was really suffer and difficult to lie to a person many excuses were given to her these few days, bec we were busying discuss about their birthday party thn we were trying to talk softly in front of them or sometimes we leave them behind when we are soory lar,my dearest lou gong zai bobo and gal serina..=] we just wan to give you a great memory at ur 19Th birthday..dun blame us ok?!sayang back!! Bobo cooked 'tang yuan for us today, she gave us after class..we went to canteen and eat.. wao,so was worth that we doing all that for you..muacks..there are the pictures of 'ai xing tang yuan'.. look delicious??
after this delicious tang yuan thn went to tbr buy the material to make a card to bobo..went to cake shop look for the cake..everybody was so tired..=[ went back home after that...going to meet them to do the card tomorrow..feel excited because that is my idea to ask them to that card..=] post picture after finish it..ok?!=] hmm,what else happen ar??oh ya, result slip came out finally..what result I got?? I got straight B..a little disappointed..=[ mother nagged at me,she said how come you always got B,y not get A?? hais..I hope I can get A too..=[ she asked me to do better this sem,but I dun thk I can do better ..because the subject of this sem are really difficult..especially business law and business communication..I dunno wat the heck of the lecturer teaching..have to put more n more effort on it lo.. pray hard for me lo..= ] time to go edy, ciao..good nite..

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