Friday, 22 June 2007

* the month of JUNE

Second post of today..hmm..let start by my life during this month..1st week of June which is the second week of my new semester..plenty of thing was happened during tis whole week..1st,result was realise..some of our classmate fail to proceed to second year of studies..sad case =[..cheer up ya my guys could find ur own,Joanne's birthday on 1st of June..Our new class rap-Kenji was organised a wonderful birthday party to her and farewell party to those cannot proceed..v went to Green box karaoke at sungei wang,almost 20+ of our classmate attended..good good good,must establish good relation between us..since v all are too shy to close to each other last year..= p v enjoyed the party kenji..thx a lot..after that,a lot of assignment was delegated to us..six assignment + 6 test+4 presentation waiting for us..feel stress stress stress..if ok if i get good group members for my assignment, dot dot..hope all these work can finish smoothly..GOD BLESS ME! = ] then,went to UV NATION on 9th of june..overall,is not bad but not fun as what I expected..: P I hope can go with more ppl next of this month pack of discussion for my assignment..It was really tired..I hope this sem could pass faster..too many subject need to handle..hais..Because of all those assignment,I missed out some of the movie..for ex-pirate of the Caribbeans,spiderman 3,shrek 3,two hundred pounds end etc...I need time ler..: [ new ways,quite Numbers of my classmate are having their birthday in this month..they r -joanne,k.hao,Jefference,jin Quin n Wai loong too..the poorest birthday boy is Jin Quin,his face was full of cream on that day..even his hair..became MR.white..=] kesian betul..anyway,happy birthday to all of You..hmm,going to visit lesley this sat..yeah..going to have long talk with her..= ] and of cause will continue finish my assignment during tis weekend..ahah,before I forget..thx for gave a great idea to Lesley..the blog created by u guys is really great..all the ex Azam N Bakti geng visit that blog..keep contact with each other lo..= ] k la,that all for today..bye..

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