Friday, 29 June 2007

what happen after marathon?? =]

Well,what happen after the marathon day??=] let starting by yesterday, four of us again meet at Jaya Jusco at wangsa maju.The main purpose of today- do bobo's birthday card.=] The venue of that day is mc d..we choosen mc d bec we can refill our drinks throughout the 'process'..=] After we printed out the pictures and pur lunch , we start to WORK !! Let talk pictures before 'process' :

The material of the card..

Devil Nicole.. =]

Ting Ting vs me

khei vs nicole..
After that, we start!! see so serious we are.. =]

The half ways :

After cut cut cut,paste paste paste..Finally, came out with this....

So colourfull right??we were so glad due to the colour of the colourfull..we like it..hope the zhu bobo will like it.. =]
The following pictures are the fake one, which we put our picuture on it and entertaint ourselve..=]



all of us.. = ]
where is mine one??haha, keep it for myself.. =]
The cover page was done, doing for inside page..

I like this.. =]

70 % finish..The another 30% ,show you guys after we done it..ok??
I like the shinning part.. =]
We finish this card in slow hor??actually, we tought is easy to do it but actually is quite difficult...bobo ar bobo,you n serina went to melaka have fun,we were doing all these for you ler..sob sob...went back home after that..tired..the lrt pack again!!
For today, we received the survinour from bobo n serina...worth for us to make all those thg for both of u...= ] well,lot of people suddenly become so smart today..Firstly,the Mr Praba-our Law's tutor..since we were not participant during the class last few week, he divided us into group and we have to go infront to present for our answer..a smart way to let us participant in the class..actually our group is well participant on other classes but dun knoe y in law class we cannot..=] Still have quiet number of poeple did not involve in the discussion,they just let other group members to do for them..sad case..= [ after that,I am not sure I am too smart or wat,the tutor recognise me!!oh my god..he asked me after class:Ong Chai Ping, so far are u still ok ?? feel weird lah..It sound like I am the one who facing problem in this subject..but I admit I am.. = ] The another one is bobo,she asked me how come we took so long time to discuss for our BMP assignment..since it is just a short assignment ..bobo ar bobo,dunbecome so smart can or not ler?? dun keep asking us edy la pls..It is just diffucult to lie to a people..= [
well,let have a look of our sourvenour..

Guess which is for me??=]
Ting's, khei's, fang's,mine and nicole's
Ok lah,that all for today..bye..

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