Saturday, 21 July 2007


Finally I have the time and mood to update bout myself..Fistly,mission completed on last friday..It was a great birthday celebration for piggy bobo and rina..we had organised this since last month..of course we were completed our mission-we gave them a memerable birthday..=] let recall back what happen on last friday..=]

On 13 july 2007, we went for class as usual..for those committe members,we hoped the class could finish earlier..haha..all of us dress 'differently' on that day..=]class finished at 1.30pm,thn our plan started!!!everythg went smoothly..
7 ppl of us went to wait for cab..khei n tt take their responsibity to care bout the two birthday gal..the drag them into thier taxi..after that,me,nicole and fang took another taxi..They heading straight to green box sungei wang whereas We went back to hostel to take the present..after that, I drive tt's car and go to buy cake and heading to our distination-sungei wang..traffic jam of course..=[
we quickly park the car at timesquare and walked to there..We reach there approximately at 2.30pm..

second plan-birthday cake..
after we reached there..great job done by tt n khei..the keep tempted two of the birthday gal singing..tis were easier our job.,. nicole n me went out and lighten the candle and walked in to the room..wohoo..the piggy bobo start cring edy,but rina was like noob at respon..=.=

Next,another susprise for them., all of us stand infront except the birthday gal and sang a song for them..=] guess what song is that?? ding ding ding ding- lao poh by SHE..if you guys look at the lyrics, it is reeli touching..WE ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS!!! this song reli touched my heart..MY LAO POH I love you all..=] both of them were susprising that we singing this song for them..the piggy cried,cried and cried...=] we felt touch gan dong nei..=] worth for us to plan all this for both of you..bobo blaming us that we made her cried when the time we were ignioring her..=] so sorry,we were also singing 'u are not alone' and 'how do i live' to them..we were trying to tell you, how do i live without a cute fren like you and U are not alone bec we are always beside you when u need help!!! wohoo, gelinya..hahah..what next huh??hmm..keep shooting..=] lots of pics.. and sing sing sing..everyone enjoyed!!! = ]we finished tis party at 6.30pm..thn what else?go to took sticker photo!!yeah..everyone went back after was reli a great party..our mission completed!!!

after tis event,I was busying for my assignment,disccusion and presentation..
a lot of funny thing happen when we were discussing for service marketing assignment with mung enough for us to knoe..=]
it was reli stress during tis few matter is my studies or other things..
make me reli stress...>.<>
I thk that all from me tonigh,It is the long post I knoe..=] good nite..and enjoy the pictures which I posted..= ]


Kenny said...

You are welcome. U O me not only a drinks, a 20 bucks is in your debt account and my a/c receivable. XD

OK la joking.

alice @ chai ping said...

since when ur accounting skill become so good edy ar???haha..
anyway,i O you only one drinks..= ]