Friday, 20 July 2007

Pictures = memories

look at the pictures which draw by us -doggy nicole,fishy ping,cow ting and chicky khei..haha..= ] vs nicole going to 'send' the susprise.. = ]

2.look at touching?? = ]

7.Birthday cake for rina n bobo.

8.two birthday gal is playing games..=]

10. let shootin..^^

11.Act cute.. *winks*

14.Both lui lui with me..happy family..


22.Act cute with the birthday gal..^^

25.Fishy ping and chicky Khei..= ]

27.Guess of that day- audrey..

Everybody smile..= ]

Demo-ing the card.. = ]

All of us..


Kenny said...

Oh you made your friend cry, i will tell your mummy, muahahaha...

anyway, just don't understand why girls cry easily.

Nicole said...

haha... mama really happy that day!!! our mission complete ad o... nice picture le... faster sent to me... hehe.. really feel touch lo.. hope bobo phang happy with what we do to her... unforgetable moment o!!! hahaha... i will forever remember we sing lao po song together o.. touch man!!! haha... hope our relationship will same with that song ya!!! the most important is everyone happy then anything will do... hehe!!!