Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I dun knoe what happen on my blog..I cannot put on my title..>.<
well,my title of this post ---- A msg for you..

To : you

dear,I saw you was very sad recently..I sense ur sadness through ur attitude and eyes..ur smiling face doest appear anymore..I reli feel 'sam tong'..my crazy and funny fren was disappear..I wan u come back ok?! He is just a part of ur life..NOT ALL..Chill..I am here waiting to support you alright?!Al tough I am also the one who facing problem but I am trying to help you..dear,cheer up..still remember dat day you listen to those sad song,ur face look reli sad..how come you cant let it go??I still remember wat you had advised me when I was sad last time..how come you cannot apply it to yourself??I knoe sometime it is easy to say,but difficult when we do..but at least you try it ok??I dun wan to see you sad ANYMORE..sincerely..I am here willing to listen to you always and willing to accompany you to cry it out loudly if you wan to do so..Pls remember, I am always here for you..take care dear...


In order to protech the person,I am force to not write down the person name at here..you knoe who you are..cheer up alright?!

Currently I was busying on my assignment, I try to update bout me as soon as possible ok?! be patient..= ]

Time to go..nitez..


Kenny said...

hmm... the person who you wrote for should feel appreciate with whatever that you have done. If he is still not happy... smack him, i mean er... smack him kau kau.

hUe| yEe said...

Whose that person ?? *blur

alice @ chai ping said...

-hue yee-
that person is my friend lo..
not kim han!! haha...
is my CLASSMATE.. = ]