Thursday, 23 August 2007


yeah..I'm back to here to update my blog!!kept delay to update my blog due to my laziness..say sorry to my reader.. =]

Fistly,brother brought us went to Putrajaya to see the firework competition yesterday!!All the way form Puchong to Putrajaya,the traffic abit slow..They were going to see the firework also??= ]The firework start at 10pm, we reached there around 10.05pm..wao,there were so crowded!! A lot of parent bring their children there..We just parked our car on the middle of the road!! yes!! middle of the road!! haha...All the car stopped at there and watched the firework, blocked the road,therefore we just stopped at there also to watch lo..= ] It was reli nice firework from Italy..Too bad,it was only 20 minutes..I have no picture to show for tis time,because my brother took the camera to recording..>.<
Secondly, Victoria come puchong and find me on monday..I brought her to eat snow ice near my house..Altough the shop was open since few month ago,but I never been there before..We just have a try at there..I tell you,it was reli DELICIOUS!! I should use the roti boy's slogan for tis - ONE IS NOT ENOUGH!! yum yum..ho chak!! I had ordered strawberry yougurt flovaor with strawberry!! I dunno y I love strawberry soo much..haha..The ice is reli smooth like sonw...Somemore is non fattening..good for me!! = ] After finish enjoying the snow ice, I ta pao one for my mum..She said delicious also!! you guys have to try also..haha..promoting..

-Decoration of that snow ice shop,cute??-

-the menu-

-victoria's n mine ,yum yum.. -

What else ar??Aha..the exam time table came out on tuesday..what a worst time table for us.. All squeeze it togeter!!What wrong with the person who make tis time table!!Exam period start at 5th of September,y squeeze all the subject in one week time??You tot we are robot kah??esshh..somemore,mostly is morning paper..Mean i cant burn midnight oil to study!!pengsan aku..have to arrange my time properly..look at the time table:

15th September -BMP
17th September -FOM
18th September -BC
20th September -SM
21th September - BL
22th September -FF

Hais,what to do??STudy hard instead of complaining.. >.<
That all I can remember..Bye!!