Sunday, 26 August 2007

The normal diary..

24th August 2007

Another normal day for me..Went for class at the morning and guess wat??I skip the Law class on today..Most of my classmate do so,we rather self study at home than listen to the tutor..the tutor should improve his teaching skill!!!! I reached home at doubt,do my revision after I take a short rest..After 1 hour,I stop study..bec I prefer study at night, much more easier for me to remember what i had studied..essh..hate myself..After that, repeat my daily routine and start my revision at 11pm and slept at 2am..I wonder how I wake up at 8am on the next morning.. = ]

25th August 2007

' chong zhou tian dao zhin tian hai you ming tian', a familiar song play by my phone as my alarm at 8am sharp..I look out the window, raining!!!It is a good day for me to sleep, I was so lazy to wake matter how lazy I am, I woke up at 8.30am..hais..wat for?? because I am going to buy my darling's birthay
Meet pui yee at 10am at Lrt station and we go midvalley by train thn bus..We went there to watch movie doubt, we watch secret...Altough a little bored at the beginning but it was a touch story tears was rolling inside my touching..= ] the actor is so actress pretty also la..haha..and I like those piano inside the movie..look so good I am if I knoe to play information about this movie,click here..
After watch the movie, walk around and thinking wat shoud we buy for lesley..= ] lesley,you might wonder what we bought right?! you will knoe when you receive it la huh..haha.. We also bump "ling yu zhong" at midvalley!! Since he having his autograpgh session at midvalley..Well.he look handsome anyway.. lol..

26th August 2007

Is SUNDAY today..Another bored sunday for me at home..wake up, read newspaper, watch tv, eat,online....ANd of couse I am going to study again at night!!God bless me!!

-ok la,lazy to update edy..tata...-


Kenny said...

Study hard, study smart
Don't sampai exam ask 'mat mat mat'

alice @ chai ping said...

thx kenny..
what do u mean by mat mat mat??

Kenny said...

what what what?