Friday, 31 August 2007


Today is malaysia's 50 years old birthday!!! Happy merdeka to all of you.. *wink* well,today is holiday to all Malaysian,therefore mother asked me to go "jalan jalan"..We decided to go 1 u, we went there around 11am..And guess what?? I BANG A CAR!!!! I admit I was dreaming at that time..I dun knoe what the heck I was dreaming about..On that time,actually the traffic abit slow but thn the road is quite steep,n that fellow suddenly break..As what I said I was dreaming,I didt realise that the car infront had break..thn mun said : BREAK!! Thn I suddenly woke up and press break!!! This word pop up in my heart-sure bang!! "AHHHHHHHHH", I shouted!! After that.what I think is correct,BANG!!I quickly get down from the car and check both car weather got any scar or not.. FORTUNATELY, both car is in well condition.. THANKS GOD !! Mum said : now you knoe y I always ask you dun follow car so close!!"..Hais,actually I didt follow that car closely..quite far but I was dreaming on that time..>.< CONCENTRATE WHILE DRIVING EVERYONE!! Spoil my whole day mood..Essh...Shop around at one u thn went to digital mall at section 14 and help sister to buy a lap top there.. After that,went back home..I drove carefully!! =) This is how I spent my merdeka day..= )

Hmm,about the merdeka eve..I went out with Kenny at the morning for breakfast..He bring me to eat curry mee but thn end up only he eat..=) because I ate at home edy, kenny you should inform me earlier next we talked bout his t-junction story and plan to yum cha at the night..when I reached home,lesley msn me and tell me the plan is on..we went to murni ss2!!I had heard bout tis mamak long time ago,but nvr been there before..Me,kenny,lesley,sue may,James and MR X been there..The food and drinks there are special,different with other mamak..*wink* I had my "I love you" for my drink and "lamb chop" for my dinner and supper..essh..I am on diet la,but I must try their food and drinks..yum yum,delicious..somemore the price is worth..RM 15 for my lamb chop and my I love you.. =)

-Ribenna special and I love you- - my lamb chop- =)

Lastly, my class officially end on Wednesday..I am just waiting my final coming..I hope the feeling of laziness dun strike me up!!! =)

That all from me tonight..Good nite.. = )

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