Monday, 10 September 2007


My phone rang at 2.05am ystdy..I wonder who call me so 'early' and I just fall asleep a moment before the phone call..

ME : hello (sleepy and blur)
She:chai ping,are u sleeping??
ME : ya,y?? (still blur)
She: he broke up with me.. (started to cry)
ME:WHAT??are u serious?? ( no more blur..i wan to knoe y..they couple since form 1)
She:what for i lie you??
ME: ok,dun cry,tell me what happen..

We talked until 3.30am..She nvr stop crying within this 1 and a half hours phone call..she make me feel like crying also..I can feel her pain in her heart..9 years relationship end up with one sentences -I DUN LOVE YOU ANYMORE- what a hurt sentence..they broke up bec the guy have another gal outside..what the heck?!what is the value of love for him..not to blame all the guys..ok?!only him..I reli cant imagine they have already broken up..they always lovely in front of us..always consederate with each other but thn end up just like that..sigh..I duno wat can I do to help her..what I can do is just advise her dun be sad and stop crying..useless me..I couldnt fall asleep after the phone call..I kept thinking thoese love and relationship problem,but I got no answer..this kind of thg is so subjective right?!Another day with not enough sleep time..I am not sleeping well recently..I duno what cause tis,mayb bec of my presure come from final or that scary and horrible nightmare?? sigh..I wan a good night wei..oh god,pls let let me sleep tightly..Please..It is very irritating if you couldnt fall asleep when u are sleepy..=(
Lastly, those who in relationship,pls appreciate what u have..that all for today,bye..

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