Tuesday, 25 September 2007

HOliday ! ! !

yeah people,finally and eventually I finished my exam on last saturday and I having my two week holidays NOW!! Taking bout my exam,I was reli sad on friday..that day for me to seat for my business law paper..It was reli worst..I been nvr nvr have those feeling..I reli duno how to answer the question..A lot of my coursemate leave the exam hall earlier..I mean is very early..after half and hour,lot of them start to leave edy..Including me too..I leaved after one hour the exam start..I reli felt guitly the moment I raise up my hand and pass up the paper..I edy tried my hard to write down what I knoe to do..I might fail tis paper..but I dun wan,I dun wan tis stupid subject to spoil my result..=( anyways,I am ready to reseat..after the exam,wai loong n kenji call me up and asked y I leave so early..sigh..thx for concern..I appreciate it..if I fail tis paper,pls help me to do revision ok??well,my holiday start onward after my finance paper on saturday..everybody went back home or hometown after exam..no celebration..bec all of us tired in tis few weeks time..Me even fall asleep at 11pm on that day,and I have a good nite that day,since my study leave until my exam,I nvr have a good nite to sleep..N finally,I can sleep without worries..=)

On sunday,I went to a port dickson trip with some of my classmate which is organised by wai loong..nicole,wai hing and me meet at pasar seni in the morning and took bus to Seremban to meet wai loong,bobo,jen,quin and also J..Wai loong picked us up once we reached there and bring us to have our breakfast.. We started our journey at 3pm..8 of us squeeze inside a proton wira..miracle right?!lol..All of us are slim ma,that y..haha..actually,have another car going at first wan but then suddenly he ffk..=) We reached thee around 3.45pm and started to look for the resort..And we decide to stay at sunshine bay resort since have a aunty offer us to stay there and it near to the seaside..easier for us..After that,lepak in the house and we went to the seaside around 6pm..Play for awhile in the sea..actually we not planning to play in the sea wan,bec the water is very dirty..duno who is the fellow started this..therefore,everybody wet!!=) Next,head to swimming pool to swim..I DUNO to swim!! sadness..play game in the pool..EVERYBODY enjoy..play until 9 pm thn we went back to room n take bath..After bath,go down to the seaside to bbq..We rent the bbq place at there..they charged us rm 30 not including the charcoal and those bbq stuff wei..expensive!! We chit chatting,took photo,and have fun at there..relaxing!!=) *picutres later,bec i didnt bring my camera..I have to wait my fren send it to me,be patient*

We finished eating around 12am..went back room after that..Playing card,chit-chatting and nicole and bobo were fighting inside the room..lol..n fortunely, I was saved by a phone call..if not,sure I'll involve in tis pillow fight..=) After that,wai loong brought me went to buy some drinks ..the other stay gambling and some of them sleeping..After buying the drinks,he said wan to 'makan angin',so he drove around to makan angin..He said will bring me go to a place which have a nice sea view..who knoe,we miss that junction..Then,he just drove around and we chat-chatting inside the car..lol..I knoe smtg new about him..haha..All of us slept at 5am on that day..

We woke up at 10 smtg another day, and have a walk at the seaside..we saw crab!!small crab!!so cute la..=) thn we tried to catch them into the bootle and let them go after that..=) spend 2hours there and went back to prepare to head back to seremban..Stay another day in Serenbam at wai loong's uncle house which is empty and near his house..Went to eat seafood in a famous restaurant for the dinner and go to walk around in city park (a park which similar with titwangsa),yam cha and went back home..everyone tired and slept earlier then last night..

N today,wai loong's mum was kind enough,cook lunch for us before we leaved..It was reli yummy..Got prawn,fish,soup,chicken and vege..Delicious..have dessert somemore..wuhu,thx aunty..=)He send us to terminal to take bus come back to KL ..I reached home around 3pm..wuhu..an enjoyable and relaxing journey..Special thx u to wai loong..Thx for sponsed the house and become our tour guide in resemban and pd..and also the lunch...thx..And also thx to bobo,another seremban ppl..thx for the suggestion for the place to chill in seremban..Thx my frens!! =)

hmm,just now went to aunty house to have dinner for the celebration of mooncake festival!!I saw those children playing tang lung,but thn I have no interested at all..mayb I feel like I old edy..lol.and now I'm blogging here..=) a lot have to do in the two week holidays,precious time for me to rest and do smtg I like..hopefully, I can use my time wisely and all my plan can work..=)

Lastly,HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL TO EVEYONE.. enjoy the mooncake and also the moon!!=) good nite..

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