Friday, 14 September 2007


Hey people,I'm back to blogging at here..suddenly I have the mood to blog after 3 hours of doing revision.. lazy wei..but no choice,have to study..I'm just feeling stress when I saw the way my classmate do their revision..they burn midnight oil until 8am in the morning..oh my godness..This inspirite me to study hard,because I "takut kalah"..haha..Altough I knoe I cant compare with those staright A student,but thn I am just trying hard before I seat for my exam..if not,sure I'll feel regrat afterward.. well, I'll seating for my first paper tomorow at 9am,ppl pls pray hard for me!!=) erm,management paper tomorow..A bored subject..I prefer marketing..much more interesting..*wink* After exam,I will attend lesley and kenji's 19th birthday party which held at kenny's house..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KENJI AND LESLEY IN ADVANCE..Hopefully,it will be the funny and well organised party..=) oh ya,today is jun jun's birthday..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST JUN JUN..enjoy ur birthday lo..

hmm,ntg much to blog..everyday just stay at home and study..sigh..let show some random pictures which I got it from my classmate's friendster account..our class picture with funny edit..

ToP 22 of handsome guy??? =)

yeapi,2DMK 5 lets rocks up the colleage togeter!!

tat all of today,going to study again..good luck to everyone who seat for exam..=) bye..

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