Wednesday, 24 October 2007

mY birthday celebration part 1& 3


This is my first birthday celebration for my last teenager year...Well,thx to you guys celebrated with me on my birthday..=) I knoe it suppost to be a susprise party,but thn due to one of the incident,haha,tak jadi..=) anyway,thx..

-darling filling the 'teh ice' for all of us =)-

-wat make me smile like tis when I making my wishes??lol-

-3,2,1..happy birthday-

-who said birthday gal should bite the candle??but I did..=) -

-both of my dear n darling sitting beside me=)-


-take 1-

-take 2-

-and take 3-

-thks for the flower,=)-

-n thks for the cake,=)-

PArt three

This the 3rd birthday celebration in tis years.. This was a belated birthday celebration with my classmate..celebrated it on wan sin's birthday.just a simple celebration..=)

-look at the 'siew chan' on the cake..funny la..=)-

-the birthday b0y n the belated birthday gal..=)-

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