Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sing K lesson..=)

My holiday ending soon..what I done is just my pd trip and tis sing K lesson..>.<
After came back from pd,I fall sick for 4days!!thn went to sungei wang to sing k,
who knoe fall sick again on the next day!!WTF..My precious holiday just passed
like that,planning to hang out with victoria today and going to klang tis weekend
with classmate to find DELICIOUS food!!But thn I sick,mum dun let me go anymore.
She asked me to stay at home and rest bec my class start next week..what a 'happy
holiday'..essh..stay at home all the time!!!=( K la,I should stop complaining,enjoy the picutres..=)

-all the member on that day,=)-

-the end-