Saturday, 19 July 2008

Wonder wat am I doing?!

'hey, wat are u doing recently?!'

a lot of my friends asking me tis question recently..
thx you for all the consolation about how am I doing so far...

ok..I'm going to tell how am I doing recently..

1.Thx God, I successfully
graduated for my diploma.

-the convo ceremony will be held on next Sunday..=)

2.Currently working at Sapura marketing..

- working very well with the colleagues..

3.taking IELTS course on saturday..

-a lot for me to talk about tis course
-it is so tough for me ,especially the writing & listening part..
-tis course make me feeling stress
-make me lose confidence toward myself
-make me depressed
-make me felt that I'm useless
-but I'm working hard for it, no matter how, it is a must for me to achieve 6.5/9

4.going to take the test 9/8/08
-preparing myself for that

5.feeling emo!!

-due to a lot of thing to be done!!
-practice to be a strong girl!! =)

6. I'm going off to Ireland on 16th September..

-for those who dun know about this, now u know
-busying preparing all the things from flight ticket and clothing

Conclusion: alice is busy, feeling stress & depress,emo-ing and going off soon..

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