Thursday, 4 September 2008

Graduation Ceremony..

Date : 27/07/08

Venue: college hall

The pictures :

Dmk 5 graduates

tis is the different between 183cm vs 150cm.. lolx..

smile happily.. =)

girls are pretty as flowers.. haha.. =)

endless of friendship.. =)

lastly present.. mum vs me..=)

*yes, alice finally graduate..
sorry mum, I cant get diploma with merit..
I ni achieved diploma with pass..
fortunately, ur daughter still pass all the subjects and graduate.. =)

*The sad part is only half of my classmate able to graduate..
for those who are unable to graduate, dun feel upset..
keep up ur effort... jia you lo... =)

*After the ceremony,we are officially a diploma holder..
some of us might continue study, on the other hand, some of us might found our own career..
yet, friendship is nvr end.. I am glad to meet u all.. especially those close friends..
bec of u all, I have a enjoyable college life.. =)
hopefully, We go travel again one day like wat we did during every sem break..
see ya my friends..hugs hugss...

P/s: thx u to my brother's gf , wrapped the flower by herself for me..
she said is more sincere .... lolx..thx you.. =)

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