Monday, 15 September 2008


Day 3 :
TT & audrey

* went cheong K at sungai wang ..Have fun with them..miss ya.. =)

Day 4:
Meet up with joanne & Jun

* Finally I meet up with them,but we spent less time with Joanne..
Jun & anne, hugs hugs.. =)

Day 5 :

Steamboat at Kenny's house..

-the food

-3 of the girls..

-so call the farewell cake..haha..

-Put it on.. look good with it?!=)

James, alice, Lesley..=)

All in pink..sweet =)

* thx you to sue may & mian for prepared all the food.. =)
Thx you to all of you for the present.. For sure I like it.. =)
Thx millions..

-Thx to Yee chin too, give me a pair of glove.. =)


1 comment:

PpY said...

i gonna miss u too...........
too bad that i cant attend the farewell party, and cant see u off in klia....
but i'll read ur blog on the later days to update myself of ur life!