Sunday, 7 September 2008

Look up Point..

Date: 5/9/2008
Venue:look up point ampang
Purpose: farewell for me..

As wat we had decided, we went to look up point at dat night..

HEre am I :

whn we was having our yammylicious meal, the restaurant actually had swicthed off the light n played the birthday song for those birthday boys o girls..

after that, the restaurant turned the light off n played the song again ,thn I spoke to victoria..

Me: Let us clap for the birthday person la..(clapping hand)
victoria: ...... (spechless)

after that, I saw the waitress walking nearer n nearer..
I wonder whose birthday?!
I look at kai wai who had just passed his birthday last week..
who knoe, everybody look at me...

All:It for u!!
ME: My birhtday not reach yet!!

all laughed.. =)



Photos :

all of us :

ck,vic,me,kar wai, Lor, shanti.. =)

After the meal walked to tower and took some pictures..

-Kl view, nice right.. =)

-the photographer finally in
thx albert.. =)

bye my friends.. Jumpa lagi..

Thx my friends.. I enjoyed.. =)
sure We will meet up again after I come bck ..
miss ya..

*guys should bring gf there..
as kar wai said, tempat baik untuk tipu perempuan..
haha.. =)

oh ya, Lor next time buy smaller cake.. The cake still inside my fridge..

anyway, thx alots.. =)

1 comment:

PpY said...

surprising hairstyle!!!!! *shocked*
suddly change, shocked but nice! =)
anyway, gonna MISSSSSSSSSS u a lot, since i jst find out that u nt coming bck for CNY....
dun care, even if my connexion "cha" oso mst webcam wif u! XD XD